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You’ve taken the “right” steps to work towards your goals, yet it feels like you never get ahead. You’re a go-getter, a rule follower, a should-be success story, but you feel stuck. Behind closed doors, you’re coming apart at the seams and you just want a break! You think you should feel happy, yet some days it’s hard to find the motivation to even get out of bed. Every day is draining, and you wonder, “What’s wrong with me?” You’re ready for peace in your life (and probably ready for a good night's sleep). I’m here to tell you that it’s okay to need help and that you can have a life that makes you excited! 

Whether you're experiencing anxiety, depression, or relationship issues, I'll meet you where you're at. We will focus on the "how" and the "why." Why did you get to this point, and how do we get you to where you want to be? We can clarify the issues, explore root causes, consider options, and increase self-awareness.

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