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Mary Quattlebaum

M.A., LPC-Associate
Supervised by Don Zablosky, LPC-S, LMFT-S

Meet Mary Quattlebaum, M.A., LPC-Associate, a warm-hearted counselor who offers a judgment-free sanctuary for individuals seeking support and guidance. Mary's belief in the therapeutic power of pets shines through in her genuine love for animals, though she respects your preferences if you'd rather not see her adorable pet pictures. Don't hesitate to reach out to Mary to explore how her empathetic and inclusive approach can assist you on your journey to well-being.

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Graham Quattlebaum

Group Facilitator- beginning Nov. 2023

Graham Quattlebaum is a dedicated pre-licensed counselor at Quattlebaum Counseling, known for his empathetic and compassionate approach to mental health support. With a deep commitment to helping clients navigate life's challenges, Graham provides a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to explore their emotions and develop coping strategies. His genuine care and expertise make him a trusted resource for those seeking personal growth and healing.

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Remmi Q.

Professional Good Girl & Heeler of Hearts

Remmi is a four year old Australian Cattle Dog, commonly referred to as a Blue Heeler. Her interests include watching over her flock of backyard chickens, herding her three human boys, and catching frisbees. She's excited about her newest adventure, working with clients during therapy sessions.


Studies show that a strong therapeutic relationship is the biggest predictor of a successful counseling outcome. Connections are formed when both parties can be authentic. Bring your awesome self to each session and we will meet you with genuineness.


Coming to our office should feel comfortable and safe. Relax and enjoy my quirky, eclectic office vibe while we chat about your life. 


After seven years of college and thousands of hours of supervised training, you can be sure that we're prepared with a technical approach for the issues you'd like to work through in counseling.


We work best with clients that are open and motivated towards change. If you're feeling stuck and don't know which direction you'd like to go, we can set goals together. 

Mary Quattlebaum smiling in her therapy office


Before becoming a therapist, I was an educator for many years which helped me understand how disruptions in early developmental stages affects clients throughout their lifespan. From there I transitioned into child advocacy work and began pursuing clinical licensure. Seeing children and families in crisis spotlighted the importance of access to mental health services. My background in child and human development, along with years spent assessing the unique experiences and traumas of individuals taught me that healthy relationships and healthy families are crucial! I love helping people find a balance between freedom and accountability in relationships and have a passion for helping couple's find healing through love, understanding, and positive communication. 


In addition to my professional identity, I am also a wife and a mom to three wonderful (albeit maddeningly energetic) boys. We do sports, we do rough-housing, and we do LOUD very well. In addition to being a rowdy bunch, we have also spent the last seven years blending this amazing family. Divorce recovery and blended family issues are something that I specialize in and have experienced personally. When we start talking about these hard topics in counseling, know that I've been there, done that, still have the t-shirt and am here to hold space for you to discuss how these things personally impact your life. 

- Mary Quattlebaum

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