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Meet the Therapy Dog

quattlebaum therapy dog

Hello, I'm Remmi.

Remmi is a four year old Australian Cattle Dog, commonly referred to as a Blue Heeler. Her interests include watching over her flock of backyard chickens, herding her three human boys, and catching frisbees. She's excited about her newest adventure, working with clients during therapy sessions.

man holding hands with his dog

What happens in the brain when you interact with a therapy dog?

Did you know that interacting with therapy dogs lowers the stress hormone cortisol and enhances the release of the body’s natural stress-reduction chemical, oxytocin? This explains the effectiveness of animal-assisted therapy. Hanging with a therapy dog also decreases blood pressure and increases dopamine, a chemical crucial to experiencing pleasure. Therapy dogs should only supplement or enhance other treatments and is not a basic foundation for treating any condition. It does not replace the role and exemplary benefits of other types of therapy, such as psychotherapy.


Please contact us should you desire to have a dog-free visit with your therapist!

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