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Whether it's role confusion, difficulty transitioning, legal disputes, or feeble family bonds, blended families present unique challenges for parents and children. I work with teens and adolescents who are experiencing the effects of divorce and/or remarriage and with parents and coparents who are struggling to navigate these family dynamics. As a mother, stepmother, and co-parent, I understand how tough it can be to solidify a blended family unit with so many variables. 

It can be hard enough when two (or more) people must decide how to raise their children, and this becomes even more complicated when the parents live in different homes. With more and more parents facing the difficulty of legally shared decision making, it's becoming more common for parents to seek co-parenting counseling to avoid a legal battle and to provide the best possible outcomes for the kids. 

Although I do not provide court testimony, I can provide a safe place for parents to express frustrations, make co-parenting decisions, and learn to communicate better. 

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